Class profile

Class profile

The synthesis of the participants in the program is unique resulting in a highly diverse group from a wide range of sectors and organization, and educational backgrounds. In our MBA program, the people you study alongside will become part of a life-long professional and personal network that you will call upon throughout your career.

As seen in the graphs below, 38% of the students are senior executives and the 45% middle level managers. The 23% of the students has more than 15 years of professional experience; the 30% has 10-15 years and the 37% 5-10 years. This is the major difference between our program and the others offered in our country, which mainly select executives in the beginning of their career (with only a few years of working experience). Our MBA targets at executives with considerable management and leadership experience. Another point that makes our program unique is that the 58% of our students hold a master degree or a PhD, mainly in fields other than administrative science. Those students are a valuable asset in the program as they usually have a great career but apply in order to specifically develop their leadership and strategic skills and competencies.

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