Stress Management in the Executive MBA program of AUEB

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Stress Management in the Executive MBA program of AUEB

Καραλάζου Θωμαή

There is no doubt that the Coronavirus pandemic in addition to other concurrent issues has rendered the period we are going through one of the most stressful periods in recent years. As such, effective stress management becomes extremely important. 

A few days before the closing of educational institutions, the 2nd year students of the Executive MBA of AUEB had the opportunity to attend an informative seminar (aside from the standard courses of the curriculum), on the subject of Stress Management. 

During the seminar, psychologist, Ms. Karalazou Thomai, underlined that stress is a healthy biological survival mechanism, but we must learn to manage it effectively. That's why she introduced some good stress management practices. 

For those interested, Ms. Karalazou's key notes, which are more relevant than ever, can be retrieved from the Executive MBA website in pdf format by clicking here.

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