The Business Strategy Game - Global Top 100 ranking

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The Business Strategy Game - Global Top 100 ranking

Dear Professor Papadakis,

Congratulations are in order for students in your class who earned a Global Top 100 ranking for their company's BSG performance during the week of 26-Nov-18 through 2-Dec-18.

Industry 26 (Executive MBA Programme)

The co-managers of ACME Corp. (Company A)

Avouris, Dionisis,  Gkounela, Amalia, Stamati-Ntaragianni, Maria, Vardakis, Konstantinos, Voutzoulidis, Konstantinos

earned a Global Top 100 ranking on the following performance criteria: Overall Game-To-Date Score. Their Overall Score of 108.5 tied for the 81st best Overall Score performance of the week, worldwide!

You should be quite proud of your students for such an excellent performance—a performance that reflects quite well on you and the caliber of instruction that students are receiving in your course. Congratulations once again to you and your students

Best regards from the BSG author team,

Art Thompson
Greg Stappenbeck
Mark Reidenbach

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